The portable redoximeter PCE-228-R measures the oxide-reduction potential, expressed in mV, that is the tendency of a chemical solution to lose or buy electrons when the solution undergoes a change due to the addition of a chemical reagent.

By immersing the redox reading probe in a solution, its redox value can be adjusted by the addition of oxidizing or reducing reagent until the desired appropriate value is obtained.

In this case it can be used for the reduction of precious metals from acid solutions: eg. gold by the addition of sodium, platinum and palladium metabisulphite by the addition of sodium borohydride or hydrazine; or in general for the control of intermediate reactions during refining processes of precious and non-precious metals.

It is also used for water purification by controlling the addition of chlorine, or for the treatment of residual industrial water: eg. the oxidation of cyanide or chromate reduction.

- RS-232 interface for real time data transference

- Measures Redox and temperature

- High accuracy

- Large LCD display

- Adjustment of the measurement rate

- Redox OPR-14 sensor and stainless steel temperature sensor are included

- Automatic calibration

- BNC connection

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Fume Scrubber Type - TLF

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