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Two-diaphragm air-driven displacement pumps made of polypropylene.

They are suitable for handling fluids with apparent high viscosities, even in the presence of solid parts in suspension.

The wide range of materials available for fluid contact parts such as pump bodies and manifolds, membranes, balls, ball seats and o-ring makes them compatible with any type of fluids on the market and can be used in various fields of application such as chemical, graphic, paint, galvanic, ceramic, naval, textile and tanning, mechanical, oil and many more.

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Vertical centrifugal pumps made with cantilevered shaft coupling in different lengths and with shaft ends guided by anti-corrosion or anti-abrasive bushings

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Diaphragms are the components that are greatly subjected to exposure and stress during suction and pumping, when they must also withstand the liquid’s chemical attack and temperature.