Indicated for Fume Scrubber TLF/850 TLF/1000 TLF/1260 TLF/1600 TLF/2000

The pH meter-02 is a compact, modular instrument, that has the flexibility (with 3 slots, optional boards, etc.,) to accomplish a wide range of tasks. The main input of the pHmeter-02 is designed for sensors to measure the pH value or the redox voltage - both conventional glass sensors and ISFET sensors can be connected - or the concentration of ammonia.

Pt100 or Pt1000 resistance thermometers, NTC/ PTC or 0(4) to 20 mA and 0 to 10 V standard signals can be connected to the second analog input (compensating input). The two binary inputs can be used both as the initiators for actions (such as HOLD, keyboard inhibit), and for flow rate measurement, when pulse generators (such as impeller sensors) are connected.

The high-contrast, graphic display allows the input signals to be visualized by numbers or as a bar graph. Parameters are displayed in plain text for easily comprehensible and secure operation.

The pH meter-02 can be used as a two-point or three-point controller, a three-point modulating controller, or as a continuous controller. The controller software includes parameter set selection and a math module.

A setup program is available for convenient configuration via a PC. The instrument can be integrated into a data network by means of an RS422/RS485 or PROFIBUS-DP interface. Screw terminals on the back are used for the electrical connection.

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Fume Scrubber Type - TLF

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