5 grams of powder for the recovery of rhodium Mod IT002 are sufficient to treat 1 liter of spent galvanic solution.

The powder obtained at the end of the recovery process will be free from acids and will not be classified as dangerous goods: it can therefore be easily transported without limitations to a refiner capable of recovering the Rhodium from this powder.

Special Additional Services

To meet customer needs, Italimpianti Orafi offers 2 extremely interesting and convenient services:

1) Pre-analysis of exhausted solutions via ICP at our laboratory at the special price of  Euro 100.00, : send us 5-10 ml of your exhausted solution and in a few working days we will provide you the title of Rhodium contained in it.

2) Complete recovery service of Rhodium from precipitated and dried powder, obtained through the use of our "Powder for Rhodium Recovery Mod. IT002": if you send us this powder, we will carry out its analysis, treatment and recovery of all the Rhodium contained in it, and this directly in our refining laboratory at a cost of Euro 12.00 per gram of rhodium contained. The recovered rhodium will be returned to you in the form of a new ready-to-use rhodium solution.

To find out more and to agree on one of the two proposed services (the shipment of the precipitated powder or simple pre-analysis), contact us at ecommerce@italimpianti.it

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