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pH Meter-02

List Price: 1.300,00 €
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Compact 2-channel transducer / controller for pH, redox, ammonia, normed signals and temperature


  • Neutralization
  • Detoxification applications (parameter set selection)
  • Redundant pH measurement with one instrument
  • pH measurement including flow rate measurement
  • pH measurement including measurement of free chlorine (pH-compensated chlorine measurement)
Transducer CTI-500
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Transducer CTI-500

List Price: 966,32 €
Availability: Out of stock


  • Activation of up to four measuring ranges
  • Activation of up to four temperature coefficients
  • Fast-response temperature sensor
  • Linear temperature compensation, natural water, own characteristic line (learn function)
  • Operation via keypad / LCD display or setup program
  • Operating languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese
  • Convenient programming via setup program, plant documentation
  • Desalination control

Elettrodo J-201020/51

List Price: 289,80 €
Availability: 3 In Stock

J-201020 electrodes are high-quality sensors for professional applications in process and

industrial measurement technology. These electrodes are known for their use of top-quality

materials and components. They are designed as combined electrodes (the glass or metal

electrode and the reference electrode are combined in one shaft). A temperature probe can also

be integrated as an option, depending on the type

Coaxial cable

List Price: 88,00 €
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pH/redox coaxial cable in length commonly found in the industry, with electrode connectors/sockets installed per default